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2016-11-16 The Weekly Times Now: Driverless tractors: Future of robotic farming takes shape

2016-11-02 Irish Tech News: Robots Podcast, Ladybird, with James Underwood from ACFR

2016-10-06 The Land: Robot research centre to help horticulture

2016-07-12 New Scientist: Cattle-herding robot Swagbot makes debut on Australian farms

2016-06-14 Focus 196: Science Vision - Reflect on trends to inform smart choices (pp 11-13)

2016-06-09 Technology Quarterly: The future of Agriculture

2016-06-04 The Guardian: Transforming the bush: robots, drones and cows that milk themselves

2016-05-21 Robots Podcast #208: Ladybird, with James Underwood

2016-05-18 New Scientist - Farmers: These ARE the droids you're looking for 

2016-04-28 Nikkei Asian Review: Growbots promise to transform Australian agriculture

2016-04-21 The Land

2016-04-20 ABC Rural: Robots capture pollination problems in orchard research

2016-04-20 ABC Rural: Study using robots to map orchards inadvertently identifies pollination problem

2016-04-14 Horticulture Innovation Australia: Groundbreaking robots can help growers pollinate

2016-02-04 ABC Rural: The high tech study using satellites to map Australia's mango, macadamia and avocado crops

2016-01-28 Engineers Australia: Sydney Uni unleashes RIPPA the weed killer


2015-11-25 ABC Radio National Future Tense: Robots and the Future of Agriculture

2015-02-04 ABC Rural: IEEE RAS Summer School on Agricultural Robotics (SSAR2015)


2014-11-25 BBC News: Robo farmers - could they revolutionise agriculture?

2014-07: The Ladybird has been widely covered around the world:

2014-06-25 ABC Rural: Ladybird

2014-03-03 HAL Autumn Hortlink Magazine: Ladybird to transform crop monitoring

2014-02-07 NAB Business Research and Insights: Robots open the door to more profitable farming

2014-02-05 Discovery Channel Canada: Daily Planet, Driving cattle with robots

2014-01-23 If Wall-E Was a Farmer: Teaching a Robot to Herd Cows


2013-11-22 ABC 702: Cow herding Robot

2013-11-20 Robot cowboys get cows moooving on the range

2013-11-19 Canadian Cattlemen: Robotic milkers, so why not robotic herders?

2013-11-15 BBC News: Robot used to round up cows is a hit with farmers

2013-11-14 International Business Times: University of Sydney Researchers Develop Cow-Herding Robot

2013-10-19 ABC Landline: Eyes in the Sky

2013-09-18 NSW Parliament House: National Economic Review 2013 Summit on Food Sustainability, International Food Markets and Agriculture (see page 31)

2013-07-04 ABC Rural: Robot Rovers to round up cows and much more

2013-05-27 Sydney Morning Herald: Robots to drones, Australia eyes high-tech farm help to grow food

2013-02-19 The Australian: Robots find themselves at home on the farm


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