The storing of large amounts of 'media' (ie video files) in Confluence would lead to massive database bloat.

Hence the preferred place for media files in on our file server 'sequoia'.

Windows users can go to \\\Public\General Information

Linux users can sshfs in. (/u1/Public)

Mac Users should be able to select 'Windows or SMB' server and type in the name.

Presentation Templates

The University style guide and templates are on the Uni 'intranet', see

Print and presentation design templates

Below are ACFR-specific templates that can be used. However, depending on the target audience, you may be required to use the official University templates linked above.

  File Modified
Microsoft Word Template USYD_ACFR_Memo.dotx Jun 09, 2022 by Matthew Geier
PDF File ACFR Graphics Standard Summary.pdf Jun 09, 2022 by Matthew Geier
Microsoft Word Document ACFR USyd Letterhead.docx Oct 28, 2022 by Matthew Geier
JPEG File ACFR_GS.jpg Oct 28, 2022 by Matthew Geier

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