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Suppose, you need to go through a dataset to pick images for your classification training data.

cv-cat view can be used for basic browsing, selecting images, and assigning a numeric label to them:

cat images.bin | cv-cat "view=0,,png"

The command above will show the image and wait a key press:

Press whitespace to save the file as <timestamp>.png, e.g. 20170101T123456.222222.png

Press numerical keys 0-9: save the file as <timestamp>.<num>.png, e.g. if you press 5: 20170101T123456.222222.5.png

Press <Esc> to exit.

Press any other key to show the next frame without saving.


view parameters have the following meaning:

The first parameter is the wait in milliseconds for key press, 0 to wait indefinitely.

The second parameter is the window title (irrelevant for labelling).

The third parameter is the image extension e.g. png, jpg ...; default ppm.


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