Blog from July, 2014

We've finished constructing the Ladybird and successfully commissioned it on a commercial veggie farm near Cowra, New South Wales. In two parts, the videos show the construction, automation, data and processing.

In part 1, we show the construction and testing of the vehicle on a commercial vegetable near Cowra, New South Wales. The vehicle can drive autonomously up and down rows of a vegetable farm, gathering data that we think will be useful for growers to manage the farm. The Ladybird is a solar electric powered vehicle, and during our three day trip, we didn't need to charge the vehicle once. 

In part 2, we show some examples of the types of data we obtain and how it can be processed, to provide useful information to growers.

Managing snails with robots

Robert Fitch's presentation in Minlaton (SA) on  “Robotics in agriculture now, and a potential solution for robotic snail management on the YP” was featured in the Yorke Peninsula Country Times newspaper.

The Ladybird has captured the imagination of growers and the public alike, with online news and radio articles featured around Australia and globally. Links to stories here.