SwagBot is an omni-directional electric ground vehicle designed for use on grazing livestock farms.  It has a rugged composite chassis and is capable of navigating undulating and hilly terrain and farm obstacles such as water, mud and branches.  Current research is focussed on autonomous farm activities for pasture and livestock monitoring.




RIPPA™, the Robot for Intelligent Perception and Precision Application is our production prototype for the vegetable growing industry.  Based on the Ladybird design, the platform configuration for RIPPA was modified to make it lighter, rugged and easier to operate.

Mounted on RIPPA is VIIPA™, Variable Injection Intelligent Precision Applicator, used for autonomous spot spraying of weeds at high speed using a directed micro-dose of liquid.

RIPPA has also been demonstrated in an apple orchards showing autonomous row following and changing rows, autonomous real time apple detection and targeted variable rate fluid dispensing using VIIPA.




Inspired by the Coccinellidae or ladybird, the Ladybird robot is a science and research platform that conducts various on-farm crop intelligence and manipulation tasks.  Ladybird is an omni-directional robot that is battery and solar powered.  The platform has numerous sensing systems including hyperspectral, thermal, infrared, panoramic vision, stereovision with strobe, LiDAR and GPS which allow crop properties to be assessed.




Mantis and Shrimp

Mantis and Shrimp are general purpose perception research ground vehicles.  They are used across our industry projects, including agriculture.  The sensors deployed with Mantis and Shrimp include RADAR, LiDAR and panospheric, stereovision and thermal cameras.

Flexible platforms allow rapid deployment in new environments to collect information that we can use to develop lower cost or specialised prototypes specific to the required applications.  These platforms are also used for data collection to enable analysis and the development of algorithms that solve industry problems.



The Digital FarmHand

The Digital FarmHand is a low cost crop robot for small scale farmers in Australia and overseas.  Capabilities to perform row crop analytics and allow automation of simple farming tasks are being developed.  The design of the platform is based on the use of low cost sensors and computing and manufacturing techniques which will allow farmers to easily maintain and modify the platform to suit their needs. 

Similar to a tractor, Digital FarmHand has a hitch mechanism which allows the attachment of various implements.  Several implements including a sprayer, weeder and seeder have been manufactured for the platform.





The ACFR has a history of operating UAVs to support the development and field testing of remote sensing technologies. Recently the ACFR has applied these technologies to the areas of Environmental Monitoring, Agriculture, Forestry and Weeds.

We operate a range of fixed and rotary wing platforms with payloads ranging from 0.5kg to 15kg.



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