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If the shapes have has timestamp fields then the shapes in the block are drawn only to the image with corresponding timestamp, otherwise it is done sequentially.

The To try following examples will use the linked , download this image.

Code Block
> cv-cat --file 20180101T000000.jpg \
    | cv-calc draw --rectangles=<( echo "800,500,1600,1700" )";fields=min/x,min/y,max/x,max/y;color/r=255;weight=3" \
                   --circles=<( echo "2800,1225,300" )";fields=centre/x,centre/y,radius;color/b=255;weight=3" \
                   --labels=<( echo "1,1200,1100,cat01"; echo "0,2800,1225,cat02" )";fields=index,position/x,position/y,text;color/g=255;weight=2" \
    | cv-cat "file=jpg;null"