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Comment: overdue update to reflect covid measures

Everyone at the ACFR is welcome to attend and present at this weekly seminar series.

Talks are held on Thursdays at 1p in the Rose St Building Seminar Areaonline via Zoom, with scheduling exceptions for VIP speakers / out-of-town gueststhesis seminars.

To schedule a talk, suggest a guest speaker, or if your presentation is arranged in the table below on on the calendar at a date you are not available, please email Donald Dansereau.

If Subscribing to this calendar (using the button on the calendar widget below), please use the "Outlook (browser)" option for an ".ics" link, or otherwise ensure your calendar subscribes as read-only (via ICS/iCal, not a two-way CalDAV sync), as two-way sync can cause problems with unexpected edits to events, which cannot easily be reverted. Edits to events are best done via confluence.


Team Calendars

As of May 2020 table view was replaced with Calendar

Older talks: Archive: ACFR Research Seminar Series