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Say, you process images, but would like to view them in the middle of your pipeline in a different way (e.g. increase their brightness, resize, etc).

Now, you can do it with cv-cat tee. For example:

> # make a test image
> ( echo 20170101T000000,64,64,0 | csv-to-bin t,3ui; yes 255 | head -n $(( 64 * 64 )) | csv-to-bin ub ) > image.bin
> # observe that the images viewed in tee are passed unmodified down the main pipeline for further processing
> for i in {1..100}; do cat image.bin; done | cv-cat --fps 1 "count;tee=invert|view;resize=2" | cv-cat "view;null"

You could specify (almost) any pipeline in your tee filter, but viewing and, perhaps, saving intermediate images in files seem so far the main use cases.

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